about me

welcome, i’m dana. my middle name is shea. shea for my grandmother’s maiden name. i have blurry eye sight. i’m really tall. i’m silly. i’m passionate. i’m crazy. i have a tendency to annoy those i feel like i need reassurance from. some days i’m insecure, other days i’m brash. i once read somewhere it’s bad to overthink so i’ve stopped. life isn’t easy and mine has been no exception. i’ve known the power of heartbreak, loss, and treachery all too well. i’ve had to learn to forgive without an apology. i’ve tried to stay silent to hide my pain, had to find shelter so i wouldn’t have to bare my heart again. then i tried to find it — kept failing, so i stopped looking. everyday i can feel life changing around me. sometimes i feel guilty for protecting myself. my sanity. i doubt myself often and wonder if this is the best life i could be living for myself. then i find that often i’m not so much protecting myself but others. making sure i’m doing enough for them. it made me feel distant, stuck and even a little insane. i’m always here but i may not always have the answers you’re searching for. i’m still en route myself. figuring out what it is i’m meant for. so again, i’m dana. i like really cheesy music. i prefer the snow over the beach. i don’t like capitalizing because honestly, i think lower case letters are under appreciated (come on, a lower case “a” looks so much better than a capitalized one). i hate confrontation. i also have some really bad habits, because i’m human. i will be the first to call you out on your grammar mistakes when i am just a hypocrite on the matter. i compromise often for the sake of others. i struggle often with being happy. who i was two years ago is not someone i am proud of. i like to read but i only read books with romance. this morning i chose to start this blog, and not so people will finally listen to what i have to say, because i could truly care less if only my mom reads this or hundreds of people. i needed a safe space. a place where my words can have freedom and i don’t have to worry about the repercussions. this is my place, this is my blog,


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