i am incredibly lucky.

if you’re reading this, you are incredibly lucky.

most people fantasize about being lucky enough to win the lottery, finding fame or even just finding a four-leaf clover in the back yard.

but that’s not what luck is at all.

that kind of luck is not real.

luck is not fortune or fame; it is not finding a weed with four leaves.

luck is something we wish to believe in.

we want there to be such thing as good luck and bad luck so we can blame our lousy lives on something out of our control.

this simply is not true.

we are “unlucky” because we choose to live this way.

we choose to be unhappy for the rest of the day when our coffee spills on us in the morning trying to get into the car.

we choose unhappiness when we get frustrated because our wifi goes out.

we choose to be mad about small things that we blame on “bad luck” when it is just one little bump in our day.

one minor inconvenience when you have to take an extra second to wipe yourself off before starting the car in the morning.

one minor inconvenience when we have to reset our wifi router.

one minor inconvenience when things don’t go our way.

i am sorry to be the bearer of bad news but every day is not going to go our way.

it is up to us to hit that refresh button with a positive attitude.

what i have learned is that luck is not real, no matter how much we want to blame something else for our problems.

yet, i still believe i am lucky. and so are you.

being lucky or choosing happiness is waking up with a smile. choosing to ignore the negative things and even turn them into a positive.

i am incredibly lucky because i have a mom who always listens to me no matter what time of night (or morning) i call her.

i am incredibly lucky to know what it is like to love and be loved.

i am incredibly lucky to be writing this right now.

i am incredibly lucky to be here right now (october 25, 2018), because there was a time i thought i wouldn’t be.

my reasons of feeling lucky probably will not match yours. but i promise you, you are lucky.

so luck doesn’t exist but it does. luck exists in a different way when we choose to be happy instead of blaming our problems on a force that is not even proven to be real.

i am the lucky one.

you are the lucky one.

and finally,


you and me are the lucky ones.


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