the unknown

trust the wait.

embrace the uncertainty.

enjoy the beauty of becoming.

when nothing is certain, anything is possible.

the moment i don’t know what’s going to happen is the moment i get unbelievably excited — yet terrified all at the same time. i used to be so fearful of the unknown, and a lot of us get stuck in these patterns of familiarity. we drive the same way to work and eat the same food. we live a life that is very predictable. there’s nothing wrong with predictability, but if you think about it, any situation that you basically know the outcome of is a moment already lived. there’s no variety, no curiosity, and no exploration.

this is why relationships get stuck, and even single people stay single because curiosity and growth cause shifts in us. it causes us to change and expand, which is kinda what we want, but not when jeopardizing our loves. we are human, we hate goodbyes because we don’t want to face the fear that’s necessary for the experiences. we don’t want our lives and relationships to change, because then they become uncertain, so we live the same fucking day over and over, and have the same conversations and eat the same piece of toast every morning for breakfast.

dive into your curiosity. what adventures have you delayed? how have you abandoned and/or paused your growth to keep your life safe? to avoid the terrifying reality of change? we can’t fight the transformation that nature demands — and we’re also a part of nature.

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