write everything down. talk to yourself in the mirror. why do you feel this way?

let yourself cry, a lot if you need to. you’ll feel better after. when the clouds are full, we get rain. that’s how plants grow, and the day after, the earth smiles.

accept everything. the feelings of hurt, loss, love, nothingness, wrong-doings, stranger things, defeat, longing, unknowing, everything. accept it all at face value, because if everything was perfect all of the time, happiness and peace would have less value. you’re going to feel these things throughout your life, multiple times in your life. some people more than others, but that’s okay. it gives you more of a reason to wait out the pain if you never give yourself the proper positive support and reinforcement your mind needs, that goal or dream can’t be turned into action. it’ll eventually just slip away. you have to just keep going because no one is going to love you the way you want unless you love yourself like how you’d want someone to love you. you have to give yourself that level of self-respect. your thoughts, your emotions, and your mind will gravitate success or they can pull more bullshit into your life. the laws of nature deem it as such.

it is what it is, and the only thing you can control is your reaction to life. your perception of life is the key to your survival and growth.

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