the sun is my inspiration

people write for various reasons. i simply have this insatiable need to translate everything i experience into art, love, solitude, brokenness, forehead kisses, chemistry, the way the sun to eloquently stretches its arm over the edge of the horizon as the sun rises. if you haven’t beat the sun out of bed in the morning to watch the sky wipe the sleep from its eyes, you haven’t really lived properly. my goal, one day, is to be able to spontaneously decide to get in the car and drive (or walk) to the beach to experience every sunrise somewhere so beautiful. imagine starting every morning like that. i want people thinking adventures like that are normal because they definitely should be. i will admit i’m a little (a lot actually) infactuated with capturing a day’s rise because there’s something so magical about witnessing those fleeting moments. and those fleeting moment? that’s it, that’s why i write. to remember.

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