having discipline in life allows you to have more control and do the things you want to do. it’s not always easy to be disciplined in life, and i struggle with it daily. there are many times i would rather lay in bed and mindlessly watch tv instead of sticking to my plan but i know in the long run, that will not serve me. motivation can only get you so far. changing your life and achieving your goals takes hard work and it starts with discipline. we must be disciplines to turn off the distractions that are all around us and start taking action. one of the biggest tasks we can accomplish in life is having the discipline to show up. most people will never even try. it won’t be easy at times, but if we want true freedom for ourselves, it’ll take some discipline. whatever you are looking to accomplish, make a plan and get started. don’t let the bad days throw you off and remind yourself daily discipline leads to long-term freedom. keep fighting and eventually, you will get there.

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