what taking a social media break taught me

your strangeness is your beauty. you are incredible because you are odd, and you cannot be classified into a type. your flaws are wonderful weapons. your zany ideas are made from only a legend. please, don’t worry about the naysayers and the people who mock you because they are determined to squeeze you into a box. in video games and in life, you know you are going in the right direction when you encounter obstacles and enemies. the most interesting people i know, the most successful people i know, have fought their way there. they have been ridiculed and mocked for the majority of their life. they have been betrayed by people who promised to love them and let them down. they have lost jobs and hit rock bottom again and again, but despite all these obstacles, they made a name and a success of themselves. because you do not EVER get to the top by being well-liked all the time.

heroes and the most intelligent tend to be solitary creatures because they don’t go with the flow, they are not part of the usual crowd. being so well liked by everyone has its own problems, it means you have never pushed the boundaries or escaped your comfort zone just for a while so you can see what you can do. and eventually you become so lost in what others think or say about you, you lose the ability to become anything other than the skin of yourself you put on every day. the only way you will find peace in this world is to just keep being you. unapologetically, unabashedly, be you. and eventually you will find your tribe, you will find your passion, and you will find what moves your soul.

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