pick yourself

falling in love with yourself doesn’t make you vain or selfish, it makes you indestructible. the most powerful person in this world is one who knows their worth. the reason everything comes back to how much we love ourselves is that when we do, we don’t allow other people to control our happiness. we don’t tolerate it when someone isn’t treating us well. the path to choosing and being an amazing lover is doing your own work. it’s choosing to go to the gym even if they’ve gone without you. it’s choosing to not cancel your plans with friends or rearrange your schedule and make them a priority when they haven’t made one for you. it’s setting boundaries and knowing when someone is not able to show up for you. in the past, i’ve dated guys who i would have done everything and anything for, and i thought they would love me for the acts of service i provided. i got walked on, but i can’t blame anyone but myself. i allowed them to walk over me and i chose that and, even worse, i kept choosing that. so i can’t help but think that if i had put the same time into working on me instead of trying to convince them to love me, i would have loved me and not tolerated that bullshit. i have learned a valuable lesson through experiences, so i can’t say i’m not grateful for those very dark times. all i’m saying is don’t compromise the things you need in your life to love yourself. because in the end, you will always pick the love you think you deserve. and you will also be limited in the ability to love others by the capacity of love you have for yourself. two of the very most important lessons to being happy and in a great relationship.

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