i love inspiring myself. i read quotes from my favorite books. i watch scenes from my favorite movies or tv shows. i watch my friend’s fall in love. it’s all inspiring.

one of my favorite past times is daydreaming. i daydream about the what ifs. i daydream about strangers. i daydream about fictional places and people. whatever it is, i like escaping into the fantasy i’ve created before facing my current reality. it’s all easier imagined than done, but i use that imagination and fantasy to drive me. after all, it is so much easier to get things done when your excitement is fresh. that’s one weird habit of mine: i prepare myself for productivity by feeling really good, which i guess isn’t even that weird, but whether that’s drinking tea, taking a warm shower, going on a hike, listing to music on high volume, saying random jokes to my best friend, calling her when i’m struggling to find any motivation, or making someone smile.

i enjoy the little joys — they make the day feel like a bunch of infinite, playful commissions instead of dreadful errands. and being playful, taking care of yourself and following your bliss, are the things that lead me in life. i am a work in progress. real satisfaction and authentic success in life don’t come easy, but with my imagination, i’m sure i’ll have a fun time getting there.


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