keeper of my heart

long gone are the days of nervousness and impetuousness. i no longer care who knows that i love you because it is real, and it is true. i do no doubt your love for me either. here i am, looking out over the immensity of my life, and all of its challenges and choices, and i see one thing that’s clear: my love for you. it is the only decision in my life that has made total and complete sense.

when i first met you, i knew you were special. something clicked inside of me, and i knew this was the beginning of something surreal. something i knew i would miss if i didn’t have it. something my body would ache for. something worth missing.

for as long as i could remember, i have dreamt of fairytales and love stories. and finally, i have found one, but they will never even come close to our story. our story is much more than something that ends when the movie turns off or the book closes.

you have made me see that life has so much to offer. you encourage me to aspire to be my best. without you, i would have been stuck in a cobweb of doubt and questions of self-worth. now i can look in the mirror and tell myself that i am beautiful. powerful. sexy. my future is so much brighter with your presence.

emotions run wild and my heart longs for only you. people speak of soulmates, but you are my best friend. you are the keeper of my heart. don’t ever lose that key.

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