the darkness of love

the darkness of the sky has been my one and only for a long time now. even when i was younger, darkness was my favorite word. my one true friend, i named my first stuffed animal after it.

the moon will disappear and the sky will cry when stars don’t shine right, but you still put the city lights to shame. somehow my thoughts have become justified through the darkness.

depression can be pretty ugly, i know, but this one’s for you. this one’s for you and only you. is it wrong to write hope around the idea? to pray that the comfort the dark has given me will hold others’ hands, too?

i want you to stay, but the painting on the walls are being to fate from all the times i left the window open instead of my heart and all the nights i’ve drawn these hearts on sticky notes and work papers.

paper burns faster than laughter, they say. but i have seen static weigh these memories and it’s seemingly becoming more easy to lose someone in the ocean.

some days i’m afraid of the future i don’t know, but then i remember that i have never known the future and love still managed to find me.

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