bedtime stories

Sometimes the world stops spinning for a second and we run out of ways to love that person that’s been buried deep inside of our subconscious, day by day. We learn and we try. And trying doesn’t have to have any significance to anyone but you. You can try and try but constantly fail a thousand times — as long as you tried anyway. We’re all scared of something new, but change is so good. It’s good to expose yourself to the world in a new light. Constantly challenge yourself to put yourself into uncomfortable situations. It’s good to fall in love and it’s good to have your heart broken, eventually. It’ll hurt, but it won’t always be like this, I promise. Fill your heart up with new experiences so you don’t end up the same spot every time. Wondering and pondering if that regret needed to be a regret or if it could be done. I think a lot so I get it. I am often sad, so I get it. You gotta let it go sometimes. Let yourself be in the moment. Let things go, don’t hold grudges. Feel the anxiety slipping through your mouth and it will grip your chest and form a sign. You are so much more than another person that couldn’t get it right. Alan Watts said, “If all you ever do is think then all you’ll ever really be doing is thinking about thoughts” which is actually just thinking of thinking. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Let the universe guide you back to bed, or wherever you belong. Let the world live its chaos around you, let your pillow hug the side of your face with the lightest of kisses. You deserve sweet dreams and bedtime stories, so here is mine to you.

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