how does a bad day with anxiety feel like?

there are days when anxiety makes you feel so drenched and flammable, that anything can be a match to the fire within you.

you are still expected to go out into the world and continue as normal — as though everything around you is not a match and as though every other word will not set your mind and body aflame.

you are burning and screaming because you are burning from the inside, unable to breathe because of the ashes that are piling up in your lungs.

and as you are burning, there are people around you, who instead of helping you fight the flames, are watching you burn, saying, “don’t you think you’re overreacting?”

when this happens to me, i go outside and take a deep breath, i remember worrying kills my heart, water heals all wounds, and meditation and prayer are key to a happy life.

even though things aren’t going my way, i try to keep positive and steer from people who are everything but.

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