woman 2.0

I am a woman. I am constantly terrified, extremely vulnerable, always anxious, forever worried, and maybe far too forgiving and loving. I am a woman, and being a woman simultaneously the greatest thing but also the most exhausting thing. Being a woman means constantly being told “wear makeup” or “smile more” because a woman is supposed to be super delicate and sexual. There are dress codes in schools and workplaces because of this fact: women are too damn beautiful and sexy to be able to wear what they want to wear when they want to wear it. Well, I want to be appreciated like a woman and not a piece of cake. All my life I was told a woman’s opinion doesn’t matter or it was the wrong opinion to have — well that’s just a damn shame because I know what I have to say is important. People will say women are weak and “care too much”. But women bear childbirth. Come on, CHILDBIRTH! The one thing that allows every single one of us to have a life. You hear that? Women give LIFE. Don’t you think we deserve more credit? I’m not one to preach, or maybe I am, but I’m not saying all this to be recognized or earn recognition for other women. Because to be honest, WE DON’T NEED ANY RECOGNITION BUT THE RECOGNITION AND LOVE WE GIVE OURSELVES. I just want ALL women to be proud when they say, “I am a woman.” Because there have been many times in my life I wished I was a man. Men, quite honestly, just have it easier. Men aren’t treated like they’re stupid or incapable. So this is why it is so important for women to continue to educate themselves, speak for themselves, stand up for themselves, take care of themselves, and uplift one another. Because we are all one and the same. We have to remain ourselves, for ourselves, and stay true to everything that makes us feel invincible.

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