repetitive inspiration

people don’t think about you as often as you think they do. so the thing that you are most worried about? it is more than likely all in your head. learn to let it go because the truth is you will have many more moments to be proud of.

when people tell you that you can’t do something, don’t do it to prove them wrong, do it because you know that you can achieve anything. do it for you. do it because you love to wake up with a smile. do it because it matters to you because you don’t want to wake up with a glass half empty kind of smile.

kindness, in all shapes and sizes, goes a long way.

withering roses are just as beautiful as live ones, which is why so many people dry them out and frame them. it only matters who those roses are for and why you want to showcase them in the shadow box.

do not let people belittle you. ever.

consistently failing at whatever it is you are trying to do is better than laying on your bed and not trying to perfect it. less whining and more time dedicated to mastery. push closer to your goal.

music saved my life again.

write. even if you’re not a writer. we all have the potential to express ourselves. just write without thinking, and you will soon learn that all of your subconscious thinking is more alive than you think. it is good to expose yourself to yourself from time to time.

the time it takes to get out of bed because i was upset or tired or just lethargic, i will have missed countless amounts of sunrises. innocent sunrises where i didn’t bring my phone or a friend. just me, i think i could have learned something new on those mornings.

i still believe all of us are artists at heart, we just bring different things to the table. pens. pencil. watercolor paint. acrylic. camera. your body. your mind. your soul.

the world stops for no one. you are hurting as you are reading this, straight into the new year and no one is ever going to care as much about it as yourself — so ask yourself, before it’s too late, how many steps you are going to take forward to make the past look small and the future look bright? learn from your mistakes. don’t stay in your yesterdays for too long. it will consume you. i am living proof. you are as well.

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