You by no means need to be here every single day, but you are. You don’t need to be so damn good to me, but you have got a heart made from pure gold. Since I moved in, you have texted me good morning every single day and wished me goodnight — sometimes you wish me to have sweet dreams and those times I dream, I know you had a hand in it. I believe in good energy and vibes — things you have brought into my life as long as I have known you. You get what you put out. You get what you give the universe. Yes, I believe everybody deserves that one person, but I was pleasantly gifted your presence by the grace of God — something I know I probably don’t deserve. But with everything that goes on in our lives, I am constantly surprised by how you find the time to support me. How do you do it? Even if it’s something as small as reminding me it’s all going to be okay. “Smile more. Or smile less, if you want, but don’t let it consume you.” So when I’m a little excited that my luck if finally looking great, I’m thankful because I have you to share those great moments with. Live, laugh, love, right? But what are those moments if you have nobody to share them with? If misery loves company then laughter and smiling and love are contagious. Your kindness is gracious and something unforgettable — you have constantly chosen, since the day I met you, to be kind to me, in many, many ways. You were the bandaid but over time you have become the cure to many, impossible battles I didn’t think I could ever face. If a piano needs a set of hands to create music, if paper needs ink from the pen to create, if poetry needs intense emotion, if the sun needs nightfall so the stars can shine, if life needs death so there is a balance, and if I go a day without talking to you then you know something is wrong. I am imperfect. You are imperfect. Our families are imperfect. Our loves are imperfect. Our lives, quite simply, are imperfect. But it’s okay. You don’t need to be anything but yourself. We understand we both have shit, and we cannot save each other, but we try anyway. We try to console each other. We try to find the middle ground. We try to fix those broken pieces. We laugh about it. We cry about it. We drink about it. We even sing about it. But most importantly, we learn from it. We both understand that we may breakdown from time to time. And if I’m ever too lost, if I’m ever too broken, if I’m ever drowning because of a single negative thought that multiplied into worry and anxiety, I know that you are always close enough to put my head back on straight. We are human. I haven’t quite mastered how to love myself, but when I think our friendship and how we started and where we are now, I realize I’m making process — because you were the one there when I was at my weakest and lowest. I’m heading down the right path because of you. This past year was a year of growing and changing, and you so graciously have been there through it all. Thank you for always being here. Taylor, you are the best (especially at cooking).

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