never settle

it is quite simple actually. when it comes to anything in life, in relationships, friendships, the work you do, the art you make, anything . . . if it doesn’t create an avalanche within your chest if it doesn’t move you if it doesn’t inspire you, if it doesn’t come from the deepest part of who you are, it is not for you.

i want to encourage those to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, including everything that fails to inspire your mind. i hope you have the courage to grow, to change, to do things differently than what is expected of you, to step back and seek out the things that ignite passion and excitement in your bones. but most of all, i hope you find the courage to forgive yourself for all the times you didn’t have the courage to believe that you deserved more than the kind of life you were settling for.

never settle.

always inspire.

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