i call him a.z.

is it bad to entertain the idea of me and you? i know i shouldn’t. 

but i do.

i’ve caught glimpses of your brilliance before you even knew i was watching.

your laugh will have radiated the hearts and filled the rooms of many in your lifetime.

you don’t smile often but my, my, my when you do, it gives life to everything around it.

your eyes may be brown but they tell chapters of your life. most people don’t read it, but they never regret it when they do.

your soul captures this immense beauty even i haven’t figured out yet.

your hands wander into uncharted water only to figure out a way to give it life.

your lungs speak with confidence and you breathe without regret.

you love to love — just like me. i love you based on that fact alone.

there is nothing in this life more meaningful than your body, mind, and soul all showcasing something incredible — perfection. that is what you are to me.

i have starved myself for years, yearning at what could possibly be something in comparison.

years and years i have waited to feel what your lips taste like on mine. it was all worth it.

you. are. so. worth. it. 

because you have given me more than oceans and moons and promises you know you could never keep.

you have proved something entirely different to me.

you have held me when i have not been physically strong enough to hold my own as i have held onto you while you regain your balance.

balance has become the backbone of time, and he is what keeps me standing.

so i know i shouldn’t.

but i entertain him anyway and call him a.z.

because it begins and ends with him.

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