how to get your shit together

every january 1st, birthday, start of a semester, 1st of the month, monday morning, or any other stereotypical starting date, countless people across the world declare that are going to get their shit together , myself included. i am in no way eligible to be giving anyone advice on how to get their shit together but here i am. so enjoy.

  1. people do not think about you as often as you think they do. so the thing that you are most embarrassed about? it is all in your head. learn to let it go.
  2. when people tell you that you cannot do something, do not do it to prove them wrong. do it because it matters to you. do it because you know you can achieve anything. do it for yourself. do it because you love to wake up with a smile. so that project you have been holding off because you are too nervous about criticism? do it anyway.
  3. kindness goes a long way. hold the door open and pay for someone’s coffee. they will thank you.
  4. withering roses are just as beautiful as live ones. it just matters who is looking at them. give yourself more credit.
  5. buy yourself flowers. you should treat yourself sometimes, too.
  6. consistently failing at whatever it is you are trying to do is better than laying on your bed and not trying to perfect it. get up and master it.
  7. music saves lives. do not underestimate that.
  8. write. even if you are not a writer. we all have the potential to express ourselves. just write without thinking, because you will soon learn that your subconscious thinking is more alive than you think. it is also good to express and expose yourself.
  9. i will have missed thousands of sunrises with the time it takes to get out of bed because i was depressed or just tired. fight the urge to hit snooze and wake up earlier.
  10. we are all artists at heart. we just have different utensils. express yourself and respect others for expressing themselves.
  11. the world stops for no one. if you are hurting as you are reading this, understand that no one is even going to care as much about it as yourself — so do yourself a favor and ask yourself how many steps am i going to take forward to make the past look small and the future look bright?
  12. it is good to learn from your mistakes, just try not to stay in yesterday too long. it will consume you.
  13. we all have suicidal thoughts. i think that might be a natural learning curve for people who are trying to change themselves. it only takes one bad thought. you cannot undo death, but you can rewrite bits of your life. a bad day does not define your life. a bad week does not hold value unless you give it power. a bad month will breed bitterness inside of you. it is okay to cry. be kind to yourself. you are a sweet dash of honey to your tea. so smile, please.
  14. TURN THAT PHONE OFF. it is a huge distraction. think about it — what is the first thing you do when you wake up? exactly. place your phone away from you before bed. you will sleep better.
  15. poetry cleanses the soul.
  16. people will always judge you by your initial impression, it is not your duty to make people like you. maybe you had an off day, and that is okay.
  17. it is okay to fail. failure is a stepping stone towards success.
  18. the truth always comes out. let karma handle her business.
  19. drink lots of water and eat fruits. you feel better and more energized.
  20. if you are not happy with your body, do something about it.
  21. read. if you can text a thousand paragraphs within a day, spend at least 10 minutes a day to read something. anything. and that doesn’t include the text that you just got. open a book, it is sitting there waiting for you.
  22. habits are not broken in a day, you built them over a course of weeks to years. it takes time to build new ones. like a bridge from this city to the next, you need to plan it out. take your time. it is your life. how do you want to live it?
  23. you are going to fall in love, but sometimes it is hard to fall out of it. sometimes you never fall out of love with someone. some people are just unforgettable, so do yourself a favor and cherish the good things happening to you right now. the saying is so real it is almost scary — you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. 
  24. listen to a new song at least once a day. you will become more creative and it is healthy to expose your brain to different sounds. i read that in an article once and it really helped me jumpstart my day. go onto sound cloud. download a new playlist that updates every week. you won’t be able to listen to all of the songs in your lifetime, but you can surely try.
  25. life is short. i am still trying to make sense of the irony. social media has made it to where we can be instantly connected to one another, but sometimes it feels like we are disconnected from one another more than ever. get off of facebook, instagram, and twitter! try not to go on it just because you are bored.
  26. when you are around people who you love or close friends, when you are out having dinner — turn your phone off. make the time you spend with them worth something. make it valuable. life is too short.
  27. the way react says a lot about you. try to take everything with a grain of salt. i promise you it is probably not that serious. shit happens but do not let it ruin your whole day.
  28. the risky thing you can do is avoid risks. there is nothing more boring than living life in complacency. at the end of the day, you know what you want. go after it.
  29. keep your financial, health and relationship business to yourself. it is never anyone else’s business, and try not to make it someone else’s business either.
  30. people are going to hate you no matter what you do. do not let it affect you. people honestly do not care as much as you think they do.
  31. not even the most perfect relationship is going to complete you. you will still hate yourself at the end of the day if you do not do anything to change.
  32. if you are ever scared that you are going to end up not being loved by anyone, know that it starts with how you feel about yourself. you cannot change the shape of your nose. you cannot change the hair on your arms. the way that your eyes look. the color of your skin. the way society has molded us to be who they want us to be instead of who we want to be at times. you legit can be whatever you want to be as long as you are happy. so be happy.

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