intersecting lines

we were intersecting lines.

we met at just the right time for just the right reasons. i truly believe that. i was broken and lost when i met you. you made me see a different side of this world. everything with you was safe. i never worried when i was with you. i cannot ever thank you enough for teaching me what you did. you taught me how to love unconditionally and endlessly no matter what. you taught me fighting for love was different than fighting over a television show. you taught me to cherish what i have in the present and to stop dwelling in the past. i will never be able to repay you the kind of love i know you deserve.

so just like intersecting lines, we meet once and go our separate horizons. i will see you once again. maybe it will be on facebook with a wife and kids or on the news starting a local basketball league. but as for us, our paths will never cross again. so i shall be content with the idea that i once had you and you once had me, and that was enough.


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