with or without makeup

i am beautiful. with or without makeup.

stop telling me otherwise.

somehow over the past few years, we have made it acceptable to tell girls they need to wear it. or that they wear it to impress guys. or even trick guys.

how stupid can we be?

i am presentable. with or without makeup.

i have learned to love all the things about myself. my dark under eyes. they’re hereditary. my father gave them to me. my chipmunk cheeks. i’m happy. my chunky eyebrows. i don’t pluck them every day — nor should you tell me i need to. my lips are small, but i promise you they’re still kissable.

i am okay with myself. with or without makeup.

i have struggled with considering my natural beauty as real beauty. only instagram models and actresses can be beautiful. makeup, weight-loss surgery, lip injections, laser hair removal, eyelash extensions, hair implants. i can’t afford that — and i don’t think i want it if i could.

i love myself. with or without makeup.

let me make this crystal clear. do not make me feel ugly about the things i have worked so hard to love. it is not your responsibility nor your place to tell me i need to wear it.

i am fierce with it, but i am also fierce without it.

it is a long journey to love yourself and things like this can tear you back down to the bottom. honey, do not let it. laugh in their face and confidently tell them you will wear it when you want to and when you do wear it, it is for nobody’s eyes other than yourself. people should not comment “oh you’re wearing makeup today, you look nice”, because you look beautiful every day.

i am flawless. with or without makeup.

do not try to change me.

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