currently rediscovering myself. working towards creating a safe place to hide. trying to form words for the growth that is happening within me.

i feel everything deeply, but have very little ways of expressing my feelings. i write to get them out, but i lack words most days. all i can think is






love, love, and love some more.

i am sorry, but i cannot promise anything to anyone.

not a commitment, not forever, not a response, sometimes not even a smile in return on those very off days.

being truthful with myself has become more difficult than i thought. i must be truthful with myself before i can be truthful with anyone else. i am learning to be okay with that.

slowly becoming more understanding of why solitude is so important in my life.

i have to be alone in order to appreciate all that i am, but i am also learning to appreciate everything we are. we are human. we are fragile. we are under far too much pressure. we are beautiful. we are lost. we are eager — to find a home, to find love, and to travel more.

we build homes in people. we forget to acknowledge that promises are a bit too much to ask for if it involves change. we are in constant transition from one phase to the next. just like when we were young and wanted to be the president. just like when we swore to be different from our parents. just like when we experienced our first heartbreak. things change us. nothing is more constant than change.

lately, i have been honoring the power of femininity. today, i am more in love with being a woman than i was yesterday. tomorrow, i will be more in love with being a woman than i am today. i want to say nothing more than this right here: to all the women out there, we suffer enough. we bleed, we nourish, we labor, we protect, we fight, we build a life. for women who are suffering by choice, who have given too much power to the wrong person, demand it back. we are strong enough to take it back. find your way back to yourself. respect yourself and your worth. you are more than heartache after heartache. you deserve to be with a person who will meet you with a smile and cherish it. the right one will treat you like the queen you are.


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