We are alive in such a strange time. People constantly talk about how messed up our generation is but they were the ones who raised us.

Sex no longer sells ads because it was warped in our minds at a young age. Danger. Rape.

There are a thousand ways to have anxiety. And we have found more ways to die within a single smile.

Our phones were designed to connect us to one another, but we gave away real connections and conversations to become social creatures — it is actually genius if you think about it; if you can control how people think, you will end up controlling how they feel and how they will act. Just the other day I saw a child playing on an iPad. I am not so sure if it is helping him develop socializing skills. Look up from dinner, and realize how many other people are on their phone too.

People refuse to walk anywhere anymore. Are we too precious to walk down the street to get groceries or too scared?

People say your choices define you. I agree until we are referring to the girl who chose to wear a crop top and shorts to her friend’s party. Because that information is irrelevant when you are saying no. No still means no when you are drunk. No still means no when you cannot respond. No still means no when you take off your heels — that is not a sign to undress the rest of me. No means no when I say it to my boyfriend. No means no.

They say progress is beautiful.

So tell me why it feels like we have gone backward? Are we heading towards a new beginning or are things already over?

I listen to music so loud that sometimes my eardrums hurt. I have lost my volume control.

Sometimes I feel like we have just doomed ourselves. We do not need real wars when our battles are all in our minds.

We hear things that people never said. We listen only to talk. We rush to move forward.

It hurts to move on, but we are still hoping that it’s not over. If his voice is polluting your mind with things you know are not true, listen to a recording of your own voice saying that you are important. You are worth it. You are powerful.

Your decision to stay pure is ultimately your decision to save yourself for yourself or for something greater than impulsive decisions.

Try not to fall victim to the same things our parents’ parents used to tell them.

Times are changing, therefore, you must too.

Do not overdose on this world’s madness.

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