how to make it seem like you have your life together

if there is anything i have learned in my 20 years of existence is that you can never underestimate my ability to turn my life into a complete mess at mind-boggling speeds. so here a list of things that should make it as least a little less obvious that your life is falling apart. enjoy.

  • have a signature accessory, clothing article, make up look, or hair style.
  • have a fragrance. make sure your hair products and lotions match your perfume.
  • love your hair. research the best brands for your hair type and use masks weekly.
  • your nails don’t need to be fancy, but keep them maintained.
  • it’s okay to dine alone. bring a book or people watch.
  • no job is worth your sanity. even if you don’t make a lot of money, do something that makes you happy.
  • stay worldly. know works of art and artist, designers, films, books, politicians. spend your lunch break reading the paper or a magazine.
  • crying is not a weapon. it’s okay to feel your emotions, but never use them as an excuse to avoid your problems.
  • jealousy is boring. love and appreciate others. if you can’t love them, forget them.
  • boost others. flatter others but don’t deprecate yourself in the process.
  • don’t sulk. don’t let the world know your problems. if you don’t want someone giving their opinion, don’t share your situation.
  • your life is between you and yourself. don’t post your personal matters for people to see.
  • don’t emotionally blackmail someone. they hurt you? let them know and move on. it’s between the two of you, not the world.
  • cook dinner and listen to music, the radio, or a podcast.
  • treat yourself to candles and flowers. be your own cheerleader.
  • take naps. take a cat nap on sunday afternoon with the blinds open and the fan on high.
  • take care of your body. drink water, eat your veggies, and exercise.
  • never have time to take off your jewelry before bed, but always have time to take off your makeup and wash your face. your nighttime skin regime is important.
  • mystery is beautiful. you don’t need to reveal too much about yourself.
  • never appear other than as you are. don’t lie about yourself. embrace who you are at your core.

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