happiness tastes like sweet cherries and cotton candy at 6:30pm on a friday night. it is orange, red, yellow, pink and all the other colors of a sunset. it is the tiny heart next to your name on a white envelope. it is birds chipping over the sky and airplanes rushing by. it is acceptance and gratitude built-in high stone walls you have made for yourself. happiness is breathing, being a part of the world. it is long and unhurried hugs filled with love. it is blowing kisses to the past because you survived another year. it is blasting music all night and dancing to the rhythm. it is the sunlight coming through your curtains because you made it another day. happiness is finally getting heard after a long spell of being invisible. it is singing the christmas carols that you thought you forgot. it is the heart-pounding rush you get before getting on your favorite roller coaster. it is the feeling you get in your stomach when you hold someone you care about. it is all the laughters and smiles you give and receive. happiness is your heart and mind coming together and making sense of things that used to confuse you. happiness is in flowers. happiness might be him, but remember, it starts with you. happiness is the kiss of a pinky promise lingering on your fingertips. happiness is the gentle summer breezes and the first flake of snowfall. it is holding hot cocoa or warm sleepy tea in your hands before bed. it is being barefoot on the beach and feeling the sand between your toes. it is reading a good book. happiness is so many more things than just one thing. it is found in many things to create one feeling.


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