i have always believed that we are all here for a wonderful purpose. a purpose we are meant to uncover throughout our brief days on earth.

each feature we possess,

each talent we are given by birth,

each heart we carry, and

each attitude we display

are for us to use to make life better.

they are all beautiful brush strokes deliberately placed and carefully chosen to create a gorgeous painting of our lives.

as children, our lovely minds contained wondrous gardens of imagination and curiosity, brimming with creativity and adventure. anything is possible.

we believed in ourselves to achieve greatness. we could anything.

“i’m going to become the next president!”

“i’m going to be a policeman!”

“i’m going to be a race car driver!”

what the hell happened to that?

why do we allow worry to block the sunlight from our happiness? why do we allow envy and reality to bleed a dark, black strip that sucks away our youthful spirit?

what was once so carefree slowly becomes imprisoned with self-doubt and confusion — why?

we are all so capable of so much more than we could ever dream of. we hold the universe in our hands.

with youth comes bold fierceness that stares fear straight in the face. so tell me why we abandon our child-like optimism and replace it with ordinary blandness to adopt “realistic goals”?

why do judgment and gossip become easier than compassion and friendliness?

our genuine purpose is causing us to slip on




throw the curtains back and let the light in.

talk to that person sitting all alone. overcome your fear of speaking. pick up that paint brush, let your heart fall in love, guide your life through warm joy instead of splashing in muddy puddles.

i know you have slipped once and you are afraid to stand back up. it almost feels impossible to find your feet. they are too heavy. the fog is too thick. cruelty is embraced in our world. they tell you to stay in your lane. go with the flow. do what she is doing. 


take a breath.

take a step back.

then dare yourself to open up. jump into the desires of your soul. you cannot hold back anymore, it is calling in your blood. thank your fears for challenging you to grow, love with an open mind and heart (because it is nearly impossible to do one without the other), thrive in fields you thought were too dark to wonder, but really, it just needed more sunlight — your sunlight.

when you feel lost and alone, think of all the blessings. you have so much to be grateful for. dive deep and retrieve that young, forgotten, tattered heart. reacquaint yourself with your innocent kindness, playful visions, and boldly destroy anything that will not help build a future you are proud of.

do not run from change.

i promise you will not regret it.


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