a simple philosophy

i believe in a simple philosophy — you are what you give, you are the kind of energy that you put out.




before you close your eyes, i want you to recognize that you are still here. you are alive on this tiny blue dot. yes, we are small on the cosmic scale.

express your thoughts until you feel better. smile. you have a nice one. laugh. your friends will thank you. live. you have one life. do not spend it surrounded by all the bad stuff that has happened to you.

i know — easy for me to say, right? i am just a person trying to spread a little love with my terrible attempts at being poetic, but at least i’m trying.

i want you to feel alive. listen to your favorite song and vibe. did you start the day with yourself?

i was reading a book of mine earlier this week and it quoted something from dr. seuss, “today you are you, that is truer than true. there is no one alive who is more you than you.” absolutely no one. there are 7 billion people here on this earth, and not a soul has a heart quite like yours. if you need a valid reason to go on being you, if you need to know why i love you — that is why. through and through, you are beautiful to me. if i could go into space and collect all of the stardust, if i could paint the sun with your favorite colors, if i could numb the pain for you, if i could fill your life with more poetry, if i could attach my laughter to all of your favorite jokes, if i could listen to all of your favorite songs with you, if i could dry your tears for you, if i could be more than simple words read through a screen, i would be there in a heartbeat.

i want you to see that you are here for a reason. you just need to know that. the world has changed, but you do not have to find it anymore. xoxo

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