We are all stuck.

It is often that our main crutch keeps us stuck.

We are too scared to take risks, explore new love,

and it will have us staying in a job or relationship we cannot stand because we already know the outcome.

We know that we need to leave, but yet,

the idea of change or being alone has an uncertain future that seems scarier than the current sadness.

We are scared to change these things because we like the certainty of knowing things never work out or that we are just “hard to love”.

So we find ourselves doing everything to keep it alive — even when it is already dead.

Please, please do not let that be you.

Please do not limit your life based on the fear of the unknown.

Be the person who takes the risk.

Be the person who trusts that this world will give you what you want and more than you need.

You do not know how that date is going to work out or where life is going to take you when you leave that job or relationship.

You have built up this bullshit story of how the world works.

“It is what it is.”

That is what we are told.

“Sometimes life sucks.”

“Life is not always fair.”

This is all true, do not get me wrong.

But life is also not going to get better until YOU decide you want to make changes to it.

In the unknown, there is opportunity, dreams, and love (the kind you have hoped for all your life).

Only you can take the steps towards. Do it. Now.

I promise you, the world is on your side. Trust in uncertainty. Embrace it, and make it the fuel that drives you. Now go.


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