falling in love with my best friend

I never used to think it would be us

You actually never came to my mind

You were just a familiar person in my life

I didn’t even think twice about you

Then we became closer,

and you became more important in my life

We laughed,

but it was never too serious

I considered you a friend,

and I hope you did too

But things really started to change when I caught feelings for you

I was scared,

and I knew you didn’t feel the same

There was no way you could — that’s what I told myself

You were too funny, too sweet, and too attractive for me

But I put myself out there


surprisingly you did too

And it was great

Things were great

We couldn’t have been better

I was so happy,

and I thought you were happy too

But now I don’t know

because now

I don’t think it will ever be us again


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