Recently, I have been really happy. I feel like it’s the air. Finally, November air has come again, and I’m more pumped each year than the last. Something about November just gets me in the best mood. All around it just has always been the perfect month. November is filled with all the joyous things such as Thanksgiving, cozy socks and blankets, fall scented candles, the leaves changing, the beginning of snow, and bonus, my birthday. Now you probably think that makes me bias, but regardless of my birthday, November is always such a great month for everybody. For the eaters of the season, we have Thanksgiving. For the shoppers of the season, we have Black Friday. For the artist of the season, the leafs change and landscapes become more prominent with color to draw in creative inspiration (at least they do for me).

November mornings when the air is crisp and just the right amount of cold, where the leaves change and fall beneath our feet, where the old sweaters from last year come out of retirement and are just as cozy (if not more) and hug your body just the right way, where you find yourself putting on fuzzy socks and starting your Christmas movie marathon early to get in the spirit, where you drink pumpkin spice lattes, cups hot apple cider and hot chocolates followed by eating lots and lots of pie. November brings all of my happy activities and mixes them all together. That is why it is my favorite month of the whole year. It’s also the start of the snow season (normally). Just the excitement of the first snow can get me worked up to where I want to go see Christmas lights already (and normally I do).

My family has never been the type to do a traditional Thanksgiving but now as I’m getting older, I kind of appreciate it. For the rest of my life, I’m going to be ordering wings for Thanksgiving dinner instead of cooking a turkey (thank God, because I can’t cook anyway). It was our thing. The day that brings us together as a family as we watch the Cowboys play. The only thing I wish we did was cheesecake (come on Mom, let’s bake one this year), but even then, it has always been a great day for me.

After Thanksgiving, the next event for me was Black Friday. Through the years this has kind of died out with my family (but still a fun day nonetheless). I just remember having fond memories of my mom, aunt and I waking up at 5am to hit Khol’s right when it opened (this was before everyone started opening on Thanksgiving night). We used to shop and shop until I got extremely bored and annoyed (I was only 7). Then we would always eat at Applebee’s (I don’t know why, but it was a tradition and I love traditions). And somehow since my birthday was always the day before or the day after, I always bribed my mom and aunt to get me another birthday present.

Now, of course, the main reason I love November is that it is my birthday month (who doesn’t love their birthday month?). It has always been a day for me that I look forward to. I have always loved celebrating and making a big deal about it. When I was younger it was mainly for the presents (duh), but as I grow older, I’m appreciating more of the little things. I can celebrate how much I have grown the past year and start another cycle of change for the next year.

I am so proud to live in a world where there are November’s. Thank you to everyone who has ever been a part of my November’s. My late night movie marathons, football watching, Thanksgiving treats, Black Friday shopping, birthday adventures. Also, hug your family today, tell them you love them, and fill them with love. Happy November, and tis’ the season!


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