advice to myself

advice to myself:

  1. talk less, do more. the fewer people that know your plans, dreams, and business, the better. move silently, and let your actions speak for you.
  2. work harder than you ever have before to get where you have never been. you have to commit and be overly dedicated to yourself and your goals.
  3. put your phone down and surround yourself with people who genuinely care for you.
  4. respect yourself — that way people know you do not tolerate disrespect and no one can come in thinking they can play games with you.
  5. even on days when you do not feel like getting out of bed, GET UP AND KEEP MOVING.
  6. do not allow yourself to be a convenience to anyone. let go of anyone who only comes to you, needs you or wants you, on their own time.
  7. protect your dreams, goals, and desires. nurture them with positive energy. all things are possible when you truly believe in yourself. believe this.
  8. do not let anyone question your purpose, persuade you to give up, or make you feel inadequate.
  9. excuses do not make the success. ambition does. hunger does. commitment does. you want it? go get it.
  10. you matter. stop doubting that. you are amazing. stop questioning that. stop giving people the power to treat you like you mean nothing.

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