the best version of myself

i want to be constantly striving to be the best version of myself.

learning to live every day in the present.

reminding myself to always grasp the opportunities in front of me, not push them away.

do every fun, new, exciting thing i can.

not to regret anything, just learn from my mistakes.

remind myself that i am worthy of all the love, just as much as you are.

to be myself — figure out what makes me happy, then do more of that.

read more,

listen more,

write what i feel,

laugh loud and a lot,

say hi to strangers,

authentically compliment as many people as i can,

read over my favorite quotes,

set goals,

make a list,

dominate that list,

wake up and tell myself i can,

remind myself why i should, and most of all,

be grateful.


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