rise higher

i am choosing to rise higher

with or without you.


with no ill feelings.

because growing apart in inevitable.

i am learning to be more okay with detachment from people.

i am in constant transition so nothing can or will stay the same,


there is nothing i can do for you other than

have compassion and accept you as who you are.

in whichever state you are in.

i cannot promise you forever

or a commitment

because i can hardly promise these things to myself.

all i can do and say is,

i am here to see you grow — even when it becomes difficult, unfamiliar, and uncomfortable.

i will still love you under the surface,

but i cannot obligate myself to stick around through any of your phases anymore.

i no longer can keep up with this constant cycle of

attach then detach,

stay to leave,

rise before fall,

love until hate,

in order to appreciate anything about who you are.

most importantly,

above all else,

we have to free ourselves first.


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