live for the moments where everything is going by slow yet extremely fast. where you are at peace with yourself for a few hours, because you are spending it with people you love or simply by yourself. whether it is reading, writing, watching a movie, sitting on a mouton top, eating cookies, coloring, going on a late night walk, talking on the phone with someone, going on a long drive at 3am, jamming to music, chasing sunsets, going on dates, etc. live for the fact that this is not going to happen every day, but that it will, in fact, happen again. live for moments like this. the simple things. the hours where nothing hurts near as bad as it did last week when you were cursing at the stars for not granting your wishes right away and sobbing for hours in the middle of the day because no one else was there to hold you or simply tell you that it will all be okay. live for the hours where you can breathe fresh air again, where you are glad that you are alive, where you are finally able to look around you and see why you held on for so long even though everything inside you was begging you to quit.


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