i love who i am becoming.

it has taken me a while to figure out who i am and who i am meant to be. it has taken me even longer to accept me once i found myself. i was crafted to perfection in God’s eyes even if i am not physically or mentally perfect to someone else. even if i do not look like what is made out to be “beautiful” in today’s eye. i am a woman of fineness. a woman of morals. a woman of both high confidence and very low “i hate myself” days. i do no relate to almost anyone around me because i cannot articulate my thoughts properly. only in words on paper. even then, i do not make much of sense. i understand that not everyone and everything is meant for me. so i have learned how to just let things be. i love staying in and doing nothing. i love my heart. i love how understanding i can be. i love that through all my disappointments and struggles, i still share the love. i love how passionate i am about something that matters. and once you have me — you have me. i do not believe in sharing one another so you will never have to question my loyalty. i love that i am open. to anyone or anything. i do not believe that one person is less or greater than another. i love that i am imperfect. i love how strong i am becoming. i love how i have found a way to fall in love with myself, no matter how much i tend to struggle on those very off days. i am so proud of myself and my eagerness to continue growing. and love has encouraged my own self to be more okay with who i am. now i want to know, what do you love about yourself?

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