Dear people who are pretty, skinny, tall and perfect, you are very very lucky. You have no idea how hard it is to be the complete opposite. It f****** sucks. Especially when that’s what most boys only notice. There are so many beautiful people on the inside, and it makes me mad that boys don’t know how amazing someone is because that’s not their definition of perfect. It just makes me very mad, okay? I wish everyone was blind. Just imagine how much better the world would be. How you look like wouldn’t matter, your skin color wouldn’t matter, and people would actually love others because of their personalities. That’s all I really want.

I read that somewhere on social media today, and I just feel that this needs to be addressed for people that feel the same way.
For starters, you are so great. I mean I don’t even need to know you to know this information about you. I agree with this post on so many levels. There is always that one “perfect” girl that all the guy’s want, and I agree, it is tough to see the one you want be with somebody else. But have you ever stopped to wonder if the “perfect” girl is thinking the same about you? The world is miscommunicated on so many things and this is just one of them. We ALL feel insecure sometimes whether we admit it or not, whether we act like it or not, it is still there. That kind of feeling is not going to go away overnight. Because there’s always that burning thought in the back of our minds telling us that someone is always going to be better. This is what society has manipulated us to believe. We are told to compete with each other, because there is always someone better. Then we find ourselves making subconscious decisions in our head, like is she prettier than me? I want you to know that it does not matter if she is prettier than you or not. You are you, and I promise you, nobody can compete with that. I also hope you know that someone in this world will always be here to tell you those things you need to hear.  Because they are true. There is no list on this entire planet telling us what we need to do to be to become perfect. Being perfect is not about never messing up. Being perfect means messing up and making mistakes, because we are human. We cannot change the majority of what we see in the mirror and nor should we try to. I believe you are perfect. And there is not a single person that can say that nobody cares about them or loves them. There are billions of us, and I’m sure you can find one.
If there is a guy out there telling you that you’re not good enough, screw him. He is not worth it. It is hard to hear, trust me, I know. We’ve all felt this way at some point, but you have your whole life ahead of you, and when you’re thirty-five, you won’t even remember the boy that told you that you weren’t good enough when you were 18. So don’t worry about him. He will realize what he’s missed out on soon enough.
Girls, let’s support other girls and end this trend. Who ever said it was cool to pit girls against each other anyway?

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