15 semi-cliché things i learned being single

i just wanted to share some of the things i have learned this past year in my adventures of being single (most of them are pretty cliché, sorry):
  1. cry as much as you want, whenever you want. sometimes you just need to get it all out and that is 100% okay.
  2. you cannot expect someone to love you if you do not love yourself.
  3. it is okay to be friends with people from your past, but don’t go opening a window when the door is clearly locked.
  4. if someone burns you once, they will do it again.
  5. grow from everybody you meet whether good or bad.
  6. don’t be so bitter over situations you cannot control.
  7. whether you think you did something wrong or not, if it hurts somebody, sincerely apologize.
  8. it is okay to not be in a relationship even if all your friends are.
  9. it is okay to tell someone you don’t want a relationship. you do not need a reason why either.
  10. if someone doesn’t respect your faith, beliefs or body, let them go.
  11. anybody who truly cares about you will love you despite your mistakes and stand by you when you continue to make them unknowingly.
  12. we are all hypocrites so don’t be so quick to judge.
  13. random acts of kindness never go unnoticed
  14. thank you notes are a great way to express gratitude so go the dollar store and pick up a box.
  15. just because you gave something up for one relationship, does not mean you have to again.

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