there something about the sun rising that makes me feel alive. it puts everything is perspective. every day is a new start. a new beginning. you can be someone completely different if you want. no matter what the problems are in your life when you are staring at the new day starting before you, you realize how little your problems are. how small the bicker with your mom was yesterday. how not checking in on a friend can actually be damaging. how what you eat for breakfast this morning won’t kill your diet. someone somewhere in the world is looking at the same sun rise, perhaps with a lover or friend, and thinking the same thing. or maybe they’re sitting in silence admiring the beauty of God’s creation. maybe they’re not even religious. there’s also someone across the world looking at a sunset. there’s someone on the way to dinner about to propose. there’s a new child being brought into this world. there’s people still sleeping. there’s people on the way to work. no matter where any of these people are, the sun is there. it’s apart of all our lives. to me, that’s comforting to know. no matter where we are in the world or in life, the sun is there watching us go through our day.


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