7,637 days

i have been alive for 7,637 days as of today. in this time, it is crazy to think of everything i have accomplished. also crazy to think about what i didn’t accomplish and thought i would. when i was 8, i was dreaming about being 10 because i couldn’t wait to finally hit double digits. when i was 10, i couldn’t wait to be 13 because i would be a considered a teenager. when i was 13, i couldn’t wait to be 16 because i would fall in love, have a high school sweetheart, be able to drive and do everything that they do in the cheesy teen movies. when i was 16, i couldn’t wait to be 18 because i would finally be an adult. when i was 18, i couldn’t wait to turn 20 because i would then i wouldn’t be considered a teenager anymore. when i turned 20, i couldn’t wait to turn 21 because i could finally legally drink. now that i’m only a month away from turning 21, i’ve realized something. i’ve realized that i have wished my whole life away. i was never happy when i reached a destination. as cheesy as it sounds, i never enjoyed the ride. i got really lost when i was wishing for the next best thing. “oh this concert is fun, but just wait until we can drink!” or “that movie was great, but i can’t wait until my mom doesn’t have to drive me here!” all of this has made me look at life a little differently the past few months and made me realize something. i can wait. i can slow down. i can enjoy the moment. because if i don’t stop wishing it away, i will never be satisfied with the end result. i will constantly be looking for more and more until i’m on my death bed, looking back at life and i’m asking myself why i didn’t slow down. we are all wishing for something instead of understanding we are where we are for a reason.

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